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Why a Workshop?

A mixology workshop is a terrific way to do something unique for the typical office party.


Something that everyone will love! 

In our experience a cocktail workshop is a very strong team building exercise easily bringing all departments and levels of an organization together in just a matter of a couple hours! 

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What does a Cocktail Workshop Look Like?

A Corporate Workshop is a Lot of Fun!

In a workshop every guest makes three 2 oz classic cocktails influenced by the season.

We'll have all ingredients and all tools set up with a number of stations so everyone can make cocktails simultaneously, which brings that organic "working at a bar" feeling to life!

We introduce ourselves, discuss the process of the event and the cocktails we'll be making.

After we talk about the recipe and how to use the tools we'll demonstrate the first drink from start to finish and then everyone can get on the bar together and start making cocktails!


It's a very interactive process as everyone shares ingredients and works together to remember the recipe and help each other through to a delicious end.


Once cocktails are done and in hand this is where the fun really picks up. We've got music, couches, a foosball table, a ping pong table so there's no shortage of action!

In two fun filled hours we'll teach and enjoy three different cocktails each! And we always have mocktials available for anyone who is holding off!

Ping Pong!



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